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4 Ways to combat constipation from travel

Published In: 14 Oct 2016

Bloating, abdominal pain, feelings of heaviness: "traveller’s constipation" is a well-known disorder in all of us, often causes discomfort and can even ruin our holiday! Here are some valuable tips on how to start preparations to defeat it, in only four moves.

Definition and causes of constipation

Constipation is defined as a disorder of regular bowel function characterized by a difficulty in emptying the bowels making defecation difficult, inconstant and often incomplete. Even those who do not suffer from a chronic constipation condition can attest to the unpleasant feelings of bloating, abdominal pain and constipation while traveling. Causes of this phenomenon include:

  • Climate change
  • Changing your eating habits and meal times
  • Change in your daily routine and sleep cycle
  • Perceived lack of privacy from staying in a room other than yours

If constipation is threatening to turn your vacation into a nightmare instead of a moment of well-deserved rest and relaxation, here are some simple tips on how to preven this phenomenon.

Remedies to combat travelling constipation

DRINK A LOT OF WATER: it is no secret that all doctors advise to always have proper hydration, but often during the holiday period we forget to pay attention to how much liquid we take every day. Drinking at least one litre of water per day is not only aesthetically beneficial, as it helps to keep the skin looking young for a longer period of time, but it has great benefits in the bowel cleansing and its regularization. Remember to always travel with a small bottle in your backpack!

EATING CORRECTLY: We know that following a regular meal plan on holiday is anything but easy! Temptations when we are away from home increase and to say no to that last slice of cake is doubly difficult! In fact, there are a few tricks to help our intestines stay healthy without making major sacrifices! Pay attention to breakfast, for example, eating fibre contained in fresh fruits, such as prunes, apricots or banana is a good starting point to start the day without unnecessary swelling.

EXERCISE : a lazy intestine is often associated with a period of sedentary lifestyle. Even on vacation, it is very important to always remain active devoting short moments of physical activity: a short jog at sunset, a walk of 30 minutes or 10 minutes of exercise can not only regulate your bowels, but also improve your mood!

STARTING ... PREPARATION: an effective solution to avoid being surprised by the holiday constipation is to start preparating: a period of detoxifying and purifying diet before departure can be a help against the occurrence of this unpleasant disorder. We at Nutrition Slimming think that prevention is better than cure, so to follow a detox program about twice a year for a period of time not exceeding three months with the help of products that contain CRANBERRY FIBRE are useful in reducing abdominal bloating and constipation.