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Published In: 14 Oct 2016

Today we bring the gym to your home! You have no more excuses: you can definitely find the time to devote to exercise inside your own home. Here is a DIY workout program that promises to keep you fit without overdoing it.

We bet that at least one of your good intentions for September was to join a gym? Hands up all those who have promised that they would become dedicated to physical exercise, but in the end, have made a sailor's promise. Of course, finding the time to go to the gym is difficult: we come home tired from work, stressed about the activities we performed during the day and really we do not have time to go to the gym and spend more time away from home. 

So, why not bring the gym home? Is it possible to follow a training program that enables us to stay in shape, distract us and be comfortable without moving from home? The answer is yes!

The secret to being able to carry out regular physical activity even from home without giving up after a few weeks is to make it a habit: the lack of self-discipline is the responsibility of missed results of our efforts and leads us inexorably to be inconsistent in training, listless, to "forget" to do physical activity or think of not having enough time to do everything.


The first rule for an effective do-it-yourself training program is to set a goal. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have a toned body? Or just to keep fit and stay healthy? Then we must make exercise a habit! A fixed time of day, like the morning when you wake up, your lunch break or in the evening after work dedicate even 15 minutes a day to exercise. Did you know that exercise produces endorphins? If you can make physical activity a daily habit, soon you won’t be able to live without: your body will start to get better, you will decrease your stress and increase your positive thinking, giving you the best days to deal with a smile on your lips.

Here we present a do-it-yourself fitness routine for everyone to start their own home-exercise program.

The three basic rules of this program are:

  • Simplicity: it is better to do a few exercises well and targeted rather than long, complicated and not very productive that can cause damage to your health if done incorrectly.
  • Regularity: run the workout plan every day, or at least 3 or 4 times a week to accustom your body.
  • Convenience: No need for complicated, athletic equipment or professional boards to keep in shape

Here the DIY training program you were looking for:

  • HIGH KNEES ON THE SPOT: started doing a quick jog on the spot with high knees for about 30 seconds.
  • SITTING AGAINST THE WALL: resting your back against the wall, holding your head straight, bend your knees as if you were to sit down and hold for about 30 seconds.
  • ABDOMINALS: back on the ground, hold arms over his chest, legs bent with feet flat on the floor. Performed 15 crunches without lifting your feet off the ground. Rest for ten seconds and repeat the series.
  • PUSHUPS: position yourself on all fours with your hands resting on the floor shoulder-width apart. Raise your knees and bend your arms, lowering yourself to the ground and then pushing yourself up. Do 10 push ups without resting the knees, rest for ten seconds and then do another 10.
  • STEP: use a step to perform this. Go down and up the step for 30 seconds at high speed. You can use water bottles as weights to increase the intensity of exercise.
  • SQUAT: feet shoulder width apart, torso and head straight, arms extended in front of you. Perform by bending the legs, making sure that your feet are slightly pointed outwards in order to not damage the knees. Do 2 to 15 squats in each set. 
  • Lunges: Stand with hands on hips. Bring the left leg forward and bend at the knees. Return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg. Do 10 lunges per leg. Rest for five seconds and repeat the series.

For the more enthusiastic here is an extra exercise:

  • JUMP ROPE: do 10 minutes of jump rope to tone your leg and arm muscles, tone the buttocks and develop your abs