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Anti-cellulite treatments – Which ones work?

Published In: 02 Feb 2017

Here, we talk about all-natural cellulite remedies, tested to be of help in significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite help you to find physical form of your dreams. Let's find out what are the most effective and natural cellulite treatments.

Effective anti-cellulite treatments: What’s working?

Cellulite is a skin blemish that affects both fat and lean women of all age groups: this is often, ironically, called a blemish "demographic". The main cause of the formation of cellulite is fluid retention. Therefore, the most effective cellulite treatments are, above all else, those which strike at the heart of this issue. The root causes of cellulite formation are, in reality, many. It is a combination of factors, among which include:

  • Genetic factors: there is a genetic predisposition for cellulite linked to a hormonal problem.
  • Hormonal factors: this is one of the main factors. Cellulite, in fact, is originated by an excessive production of estrogen, the female sex hormone. The excessive production of this hormone involves an increase in fluid retention by the body, which acts as a trigger of the formation of cellulite. This explains why cellulite is a purely feminine disorder.
  • Factors dependent circulation: venous circulation, ie the circulation that carries blood to the heart, can be a factor that triggers the formation of cellulite. A slowing of blood circulation, in fact, favours the appearance of cellulite.
  • Psychological factors such as stress also has a direct effect on the formation of cellulite. A hectic life, poor sleep, or a heightened state of anxiety can help to determine the onset of cellulite.
  • Bad habits: proper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, tight clothes, unsuitable shoes are all factors that facilitate the development of cellulite.

Effective and Natural anti-cellulite treatments: Some examples

Effective and natural anti-cellulite treatments are those that go to act on one or more factors underlying the onset of the problem: researched techniques with the aim of eradicating this well-known aesthetic disorder. Basically, the effective anti-cellulite treatments include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Hydration
  • Physical activity
  • Beauty treatments aimed

Effective treatments:

To follow effective anti-cellulite treatments, do not forget the importance of following a proper eating plan, which provides for the inclusion of foods that can increase the drainage of the body, eliminating excess fluids and excreting toxins is a first fundamental step. Among the foods recommended to help get rid of cellulite are:


This is the natural diuretic for excellence: rich in B vitamins and water, the vegetable is ideal to purify the body and eliminate cellulite.

White meat

White meats contain less of red meat fat: found in deep cellulite, it is recommended to replace red meat with white meat to reduce the intake of fat and reach the lost-form.


Whole grain foods are rich in potassium and therefore are able to counteract the effect of typical water retention of the sodium content in salty foods


Bromelain in Pineapples is used as a diuretic and an ingredient for many cellulite creams.


Even celery contains potassium that counteracts the sodium and limits the effect of the liquid retention. Vitamin C, also, tones tissues and has an alkalizing effect.


Lentils are high in iron, which helps to eliminate toxins and promote proper circulation of blood.


Even the eggs help to improve circulation


The kiwi thins the blood, helps to eliminate toxins and counteract the bloating.

Importance of Hydration

The formation of cellulite is also due to an accumulation of fluid in the body: this is why it is important to keep your body hydrated. In addition to drinking a quantity of at least 2 litres of water a day, it can be useful to supplement the medicines given with the draining herbal teas. Foods recommended to make the best purifying herbal teas are:

Cranberry: it is the most healthy fruit in the world, able to promote circulation and eliminate bacteria

Ginger: food that is highly diuretic, it helps cleanse the body

Artichoke: useful for detoxifying the body

Nettle: Nettle in the basic herbal teas are excellent to fight the blemishes and cleanse the skin

Aesthetic treatment

You can combat cellulite with a series of beauty treatments aimed at eliminating the problem at the origin. Science has made considerable progress in the creation of anti-cellulite creams that aim to hit the problem at the origin, the skin visibly reducing imperfections even with a few weeks of treatment. The most cutting-edge scientific discovery in the fight cellulite is the use of nanosomes. The best cellulite creams on the market are produced through the use of ultrasonic emissions capable of creating microscopic structures that are intended to act as an alternative transport system, which interacts directly with the cell membrane and releases its contents directly inside . It is a good tool to enter the active ingredients that counteract cellulite only in the "target" cells, so as to ensure a powerful azine and without dispersing the content in the surrounding cells.