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Light Recipe: Cold Chicken served with Couscous

Published In: 29 Jun 2017

Are you planning a dinner party or a picnic in the park? Need an easy idea to put something tasty and fresh on the table? Then why not try our amazing chicken couscous recipe?! This healthy dish is perfect for those who want to keep their waist line under control, and is particularly delicious when served cold! All with minimum effort needed!

How to Prepare Cold Chicken and Couscous

If you are looking for a tasty alternative to pasta, why not try couscous? Many believe that the couscous dish is associated with the North African culinary tradition. In reality it is a typical dish that is popular in the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Basically, couscous is a food made from grains of steamed wheat semolina. It can be flavoured in different ways depending on the food preferences and tastes, and can be a very versatile dish enjoyed by the young and old.

Today we provide a dish that is able to adapt to any table, but also perfect for a quick picnic. We mix the local tradition with an exotic flavour that goes well with any dish! Here's to you how to prepare cold chicken with couscous.


200 grams of couscous (precooked or prepared in house)

220 grams of vegetable broth

10 grams of Olive oil

Salt and Pepper To Taste

140 grams of carrots

800 grams of chicken breast

200 grams of courgette

100 g of coloured peppers

Paprika to taste

Oil, salt and pepper to taste

Lemon peel

1 shallot


Begin preparing the vegetable broth, or by using a pre-prepared one. Take the carrots and peel by cutting into thin strips and then back into cubes. Meanwhile clean the courgette and peppers, remembering to remove all the seeds. Cut everything into strips and dice like the carrots. Also clean and cut the shallots and set aside the vegetable mix that was prepared.

Now to the chicken; cut into strips and then into cubes of not more than two centimetres thick. Prepare a pan separately by heating up a little olive oil and place the chicken in to cook. Flavour all by adding salt, pepper and paprika. Cook everything for about 6 minutes, stirring often.

When finished cooking, leave the chicken aside and pour everything in the same pan where the chicken, shallots, carrots and peppers were cooked. Cook for 4 minutes then also add the courgette and cook for 4 minutes more.

Meanwhile, to prepare the couscous; pour the salt and vegetable broth in a bowl. Cover with a film and leave to rest for about five minutes. Once ready, pour the vegetable and chicken into a bowl. Afterwards simply flavour with lemon zest and serve!

This dish is perfect for a summer picnic or a light lunch break!