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Recipe: how to cook with Spirulina

Published In: 31 Jul 2017

Spirulina seaweed is now universally considered to be a valuable ally to keep the body healthy and to provide our body with the ideal support of nutrients. Since this is a very precious seaweed, which is even called "superfood," a spontaneous question arises: can spirulina algae be used in the kitchen? Of course! If you are also looking for recipes for spirulina in the kitchen, here are our tips on how to make the most of your potential!

Cooking with Spirulina: the origins

The name Spirulina derives from its characteristic spiral shape: it is a blue-green seaweed belonging to the Cyanobacterie family and has an ancient origin. The first ones that tried cooking with spirulina were the Aztecs: the ancient population of Central America had already discovered that seaweeds were a potent source of protein, superior to other protein sources such as eggs or soy. Spirulina also contains all the essential amino acids, including phenylalanine, known to have anti-fungal properties and to prolong the sense of post-prandial satiety. In the form of superfood, Spirulina also acts in order to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and the consequent reduction of the bad one, thus positively affecting the cardiovascular system.

Spirulina in the kitchen: how to make good use of it

The recipes of the ancient populations unfortunately didn’t survive to modern days: we will never know how these people used spirulina in the kitchen, but in any case, you can create really tasty recipes!

Here are 6 original ideas for using spirulina while you are cooking

1) Super - Green Shaved Spirulina

Spirulina is now widely used to create tasty green smoothie and superenergizers: spirulina powder can be added to seasonal fruit shakes, so that to give color and benefits to our body! Spirulina smootheners are great for strengthening the immune system, preventing cellular degeneration, reducing tiredness and swelling and preventing cancer formation! If you want an idea of how to use spirulina with smoothies, read here the full recipe of green smoothie!

2 ) Gomasio and  Spirulina

Gomasio is a very  typical ingredient of the Asian cuisine, very used in macrobiotic cooking. It is completely insapore usually used to dress salads and vegetables. It is a salt-based sauce and roasted sesame seeds, easy to prepare even at home: it's enough to toast for a few minutes about 100 grams of sesame, low flame, and add them to 4 grams of salt, then whisk All in a gross way. Something Else? Add 6 grams of spirulina powder to give more flavor!

3) Spirulina condiment

Spirulina is also an original solution for seasoning salads and vegetables: Spirulina powder is perfectly suited to salads of all types, from zucchini to cucumbers and also to avocado. To prepare the salad with spirulina, proceed by cutting and washing the salad or by grilling your favorite vegetables: then prepare an emulsion with Evo oil, a pinch of salt and fresh lime juice. Add a pinch of spirulina powder. Mix everything and serve as a seasoning on the table!

4) Bread with Spirulina

When talking about how to use spirulina in the kitchen, always remember not to add it to hot dishes and not to bake it: it's possible that the beneficial properties of this seaweed may be lost when cooked. It is possible to increase the daily consumption of spirulina by mixing about a spoon of its powder with half a kilo of flour and proceed to normal bread preparation. By inserting it into the dough, the properties will not be lost and you will be able to fully enjoy its benefits.

5) Fresh Pasta with Spirulina

Spirulina powder can also be added to the dough of fresh pasta. Just add a couple of teaspoons of its powder to the dough with which you prepare fresh pasta or dumplings. The pasta will get a greenish color: it is beautifully mixed with a sauce made of fresh cherry tomatoes or mixed vegetables.

6) Vegan Soup with spirulina

The simplest way to cook with spirulina is to place spirulina in soups and enjoy the full potential of this alga: whether it is a vegetable soup or a green soup with spinach, courgettes or broccoli, it is always recommended not to actually cook the spirulina and not to put the powder directly into boiling water, but to add it only after turning off the fire.