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How to Eliminate Belly Fat in 3 Simple Steps

Published In: 06 Oct 2017

How to eliminate the abdominal fat is one of the biggest challenges for those who want to lose weight. Among the "critical areas" of the body where the excess fat is concentrated, the abdomen is where being more complex to gain definition. The 3 principles listed here represent an effective guide on how to eliminate abdominal fat and say goodbye to belly fat.

3 tips on how to eliminate abdominal fat

The challenge of eliminating abdominal fat is especially felt by all those who are following a slimming diet: compared to other parts of our body, in fact, abdomen is the most critical area for both man and woman. Around the abdomen the fat tends to accumulate more easily and to be more difficult to eliminate. For this reason, it is enough a moment of distraction to invalidate months of diet and find yourself with the so much detested "belly fat" However, we can run to repair: here are our tips on how to eliminate abdominal fat in 3 simple steps.

How to Eliminate Abdominal Fat Sleeping More

Several scientific studies have shown that sleep deprivation affects our ability to burn fats for several reasons: Lack of sleep has a negative effect on muscle recovery and on stress levels accumulated in the body, but above all on the production of a hormone, the ghrelin. Sleep deprivation increases the level of ghrelin in the body that communicates to the brain the sense of hunger: the more we produce, the hungrier we are and are going to make bad choices in terms of nutrition, preferring unhealthy foods.

How to Eliminate Abdominal Fat with Food Choices

Much of the fat we tend to accumulate in the abdomen has the same origin: food. The dietary choices that we make every day are at the origin of the "belly fat", the increase in the circumference of the hips and all the related issues. To understand how to eliminate abdominal fat, you need to understand how to feed properly.

water and lemon

This is an old trick recommended by nutritionists and dieticians around the globe: drinking water and lemon helps accelerate the fat burning process, locally helping the abdominal area. Drinking water and lemon combines detoxification, helping to eliminate accumulated slags in the body and favour digestion and the warm water diuretic properties.

Avoid Sugar Consumption

High-sugar foods increase the probability fat  shows up in the abdominal area: for a flat tummy it is recommended to decrease the consumption of sweet drinks, artificial sweeteners and other calorie foods.

Avoid white rice

White rice is the number one enemy of all who want to get a flat stomach: it is, in fact, an extremely refined food that helps increase weight and promotes accumulation of abdominal fat. Any advice on how to eliminate abdominal fat suggests replacing this food with other foods, especially cereals, quinoa, oats, but also whole grain bread and rice. These are fiber-rich foods that help regulate intestinal activity and lower cholesterol.

Eat raw garlic

It might seem strange and unappetizing, but raw garlic is the main abdominal fat killer. Consuming a few clumps of raw garlic in the morning, preferably before the glass of water and lemon, helps to burn fat more easily and eliminate accumulation in critical areas. It is also a valuable ally to promote circulation.

Eat more spices

Spices, like garlic, are also a valuable aid to fight abdominal fat. Spices are a fundamental help to the diet: Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, but especially Cayenne pepper are essential to activate metabolism and help burn fat.

How to eliminate abdominal fat with a targeted workout

It is necessary to associate with proper nutrition also a type of targeted exercise, which acts on the area affected by the fat. Here's how to eliminate abdominal fat with physical activity:

Work on empty stomach

Run in the morning before breakfast is considered the best time to burn more calories in a brief time.

Do not Just do cardio

If you want to eliminate abdominal fat, focuses mainly on cardio training is wrong! The real focus of physical activity to say goodbye to the bally fat should be to train your muscles! Repetitions help build and sustain muscle, as well as awaken your metabolism! By alternating short and very intense exercises to Resting stages you can burn a lot of energy, improve strength and muscle development faster than the "standard" workout pattern.

How to eliminate abdominal fat by choosing the most suitable product

The secret to eliminating abdominal fat more quickly and definite is to choose the product that best suits your needs. "Diet" supplement, especially those using spice extracts, are essential to help speed up your metabolism. Products such as Curcumin, based on an antioxidant spice like Curcumina and the potent extract of pure Cayenna pepper, can act at 360 degrees on your body, concentrating on the actual abdominal area and helping to say goodbye.