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How to eliminate double chin with localized gymnastics

Published In: 19 Jul 2017

The renowned double chin is a problem affecting men and women of all ages: it is an excess of fat at the base of the chin that creates an annoying anaesthetic effect, that is often difficult to eliminate. Using liposuction can be a solution, but surgery is always an invasive and risky choice. But, all is not lost: you can learn how to eliminate double chin using only targeted exercises and natural remedies, saying goodbye to extreme solutions.

Identify risk factors to learn how to eliminate double chin

The "double chin" is represented by that layer of flaccid and falling skin that is created just beneath the chin area: this is a skin imperfection that can be caused by several elements. To learn how to eliminate double chin, we begin by trying to understand what factors lead to its formation.


One of the factors that most affect the formation of double chin is weight gain: excess of weight makes fat accumulate under the jaw, where the skin is stretched and causes the formation of double chin.

Solar exposure

Exposing to the sun without adequate protection and for a long period of time can dehydrate the skin tissues, causing a natural collagen loss. The loss of collagen causes a loss of elasticity that causes the skin to "relax" and shed to the height of the mandibular area, where the amount of tissue is greater.

Rapid weight loss

If excessive weight gain can cause the formation of double chin, even extremely rapid weight loss can lead to skin shedding: if fat declines when you are on a diet and you start losing weight, unfortunately the skin does not follow the same rhythm, causing excess tissue under the chin.


Even age affects the formation of double chin. As the years go by, the body tends to produce less and less collagen and the skin therefore loses its elasticity. The weak tissues tend to descend and end up accumulating under the chin, giving rise to the imperfection.


Well, yes: there exists a genetic predisposition to double chin: people with a short neck or small jaws have a higher probability of developing the imperfection.

How to eliminate double chin with localized gymnastics

Among experts' advice on how to eliminate double chin, is definitely to perform a number of targeted exercises that can help reduce the visual effects of the imperfection and help relieve the skin. For localized gymnastics, it is meant all the exercises studied to counter double chin.

Here's how to eliminate double chin in 6 easy steps:

The kiss

By being seated on a chair, well rested with your back and feet on the ground, stretch your neck as far as possible, keeping your head straight. Prostrate your lips forward as if to kiss someone. Make at least 3 series of ten repetitions each.

The massage

To perform this exercise, it is necessary to be constant: it should be done at least three times a day, every day. This exercise is carried out by lifting the head, stretching the neck and slightly opening the mouth at the same time. Once you’re at this point, put your hand on your neck, under your chin, and by exercising a slight pressure, go down and stretch your skin at the same time.

The reverse smile

This is an exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the neck: to do it correctly, try to create tension at the sides of the neck, keeping your neck in tension for a few minutes before relaxing the muscles again. We advise you to perform 10 repetitions, three times a day throughout the week.

The tennis ball

For this exercise you must have a support tool: the tennis ball. Hold the ball under the chin and hold it with the neck. Push the ball towards the neck, force it for a few seconds and then loosen the pressure without dropping it. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

The rotations

This is a simple exercise aimed at stretching the neck in various directions: start by pulling it back as much as possible, without exaggerating, and keep the position for five seconds. Then, repeat the same exercise by stretching your head down, left to right, and always holding the position for a few seconds. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and to repeat the exercise on a daily basis.


To do this exercise, keep your mouth closed and stretch your neck slightly, tilting it backwards: repeat the exercise 10 times, three times a day, throughout the whole week.

Bonus trick:

One last advice on how to eliminate the double chin without surgery? Try chewing a chewing-gum! Obviously choose sugar-free chewing-gums to preserve the figure: this is a simple solution to train your jaw muscles and tighten your chin!

How to eliminate double chin with Vexum SL

To eliminate double chin without surgery is possible, especially if you combine proper exercise with the support of the best aesthetic products designed to work directly on the problem. We are talking about Vexum SL, the cream to eliminate double chin created by Ds Laboratories: this is the cutting edge product aimed at naturally reducing the aesthetic signs of double chin and helping you to find your smile again. Vexum SL is a cream that acts directly on the fat deposit at the chin height, even eliminating it completely. The advanced chemical formula allows you to see excellent results from the first applications, while maintaining long-lasting effects even at the time of treatment.