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Foods against Cancer: The 5 recommended superfoods

Published In: 20 Oct 2017

October is the "pink month" for breast cancer awareness and prevention: while in many regions of Italy there are free specialist visits, screenings and events to inform and help prevent breast cancer, it seemed fair to talk about cancer. It is known that health begins at the table: we have made a ranking of the 5 superfoods recommended by experts to prevent breast cancer.

Cure the tumour at the table: breast cancer

It is now well-known that proper nutrition is of paramount importance in preventing small and large disorders: Eating well will certainly help to live better and healthier. Even when it comes to serious illness, such as cancers, food can help us. Breast cancer with food is not only a good hope: a research conducted by the City of Hope Cancer Centre in Los Angeles, California, scientifically demonstrated how some foods known as superfood for their healing properties can help in preventing breast cancer. This is a crucial finding, considering that the number of women who develop breast cancer each year remains high: the Italian League for Tumor Lotto has already highlighted 42,000 new diagnoses per year for a total of 5 women every hour.

Feeding against breast cancer and hormones

Also in Italy research on breast cancer prevention is focusing on nutrition against cancer in the sense: the so-called "Diana Project", born from the acronym between the word "Diet" and "Androgeni" by Dr. Franco Berrino dell The National Institute of Tumors of Milan, is actively involved in studying the connection between food and breast cancer. Starting from the conception that breast cancer is favoured by the high presence of sex hormones in the body, Dr. Berrino's studies have proved that a healthy, high-consumption diet of vegetables and poor animal fat can be transformed into a 'Effective breastfeeding nutrition, reducing its risk of onset. A recent study on Pediatrics has reinforced the conviction that breastfeeding and breast cancer are closely related: the study has shown how to consume many fibers from adolescence can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. The study interviewed 44,000 women on their dietary habits during the high school period and followed them by submitting several questionnaires on their diet every four years over an extended period of time. The study concluded that women who consume at least 28 grams of fiber per day have 25% less chance of developing breast cancer. The fibers, in fact, are able to reduce the level of estrogen present in the body: a high presence of this hormone is often associated with the risk of breast cancer.

Recommended foods for breastfeeding

The superfoods recommended by the City of Hope Center for proper breastfeeding are 5: they are foods with antioxidant antioxidant properties that can help keep our body healthy. Let's see what are:


Cranberries are foods rich in phytochemicals capable of fighting free radicals, responsible for fast cellular aging and cancer outbreaks. From the results of the Californian Institute's research, the consumption of blueberries, even in the form of cranberry powder, can greatly reduce the growth and diffusion of an even aggressive form of breast cancer.


That pomegranate has a strong antioxidant power has been known since antiquity, but modern research has been confirming the enormous potential of this typically autumnal fruit. Pomegranate has 6 different chemicals that can suppress the enzyme that contributes to estrogen production, known as aromatase. 70% of tumors need estrogens to grow and grow, so reducing their presence in the body helps prevent them.


Mushrooms, especially common white mushrooms, contain phytochemical substances that block the aromatase, as in the case of pomegranate. Thanks to their properties, eating fungi helps to prevent the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells.


One of the oldest spices, used by peoples and civilizations from all eras, the active ingredients in cinnamon are capable of interfering with the protein responsible for the blood supply to breast cancer: block the blood supply to the tumor helps avoid growing and developing.The City of Hope scientists point out that grape seed extracts, just like mushrooms and pomegranates, can act on aromatase, preventing tumour formation at breast, but at the same time they are also able to block the action of the protein that helps cancer grow and spread, by removing the cancer from its main source of nutrition and thus preventing it from enlarging and developing.