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Diet and practical tips on how to lose weight after menopause

Published In: 03 Nov 2017

With the arrival of menopause, most women tend to get fat: it is not said, however, that the end of so-called fertile age must necessarily coincide with uncontrolled weight gain. How to lose weight in menopause and get back into shape quickly, regaining the physical you had before this milestone? Here are our practical and easy to follow secrets.

How to lose weight after menopause: the causes of weight gain

One of the most feared consequences of the transition to menopause is the unexpected increase in weight: getting into menopause entails a complex hormonal imbalance, which is easily associated with uncontrolled weight gain. During menopause, in fact, the production of female sex hormones, estrogens, decreases considerably, and the relationship between estrogen and androgens, male sex hormones also present in reduced amounts in women, tends to decrease: this change is associated with an increase in adipose tissue in the body that causes a build up of fat in the abdominal area and gluteus.

Understanding how to lose weight in menopause is not merely an aesthetic requirement: losing weight in menopause helps to balance the body's composition by promoting the lean mass percentage and reducing fat mass in the body by improving the quality of the body life and promote the proper functioning of metabolism, different physiological functions and also positively influencing psychology.

Diet. How to Lose Weight after Menopause

Dietary advice on how to lose weight in menopause is based on the reduction in daily caloric intake to deter fat build up in critical areas of the body: to do this it is important to reduce the portions, increase the consumption of high fruits and vegetables Vitamin B content to help "swallow the belly" and eliminate water retention problems due to the accumulation of water in the fatty tissue.

The menus recommended for weight loss are:

• Foods containing vitamin B: lentils, bananas, potatoes

• Calcium-rich foods, but with low calories, such as light or yogurt cheeses

• Water, green tea, purifying herbal teas, such cucumber or ginger

• Vitamin D foods at least 2-3 times a week, such as blue fish

• Use spices instead of salt to cook dishes

• Use uncooked extra virgin olive oil

• Melons and watermelons or fruits with high water content

• White meats, such as chicken meat

• Vegetables with green leaves such as cabbage, broccoli or spinach

• Pumpkin seeds, high in antioxidant selenium

• Soy

• Dark Chocolate over 70%

Sports tips on how to lose weight after menopause

Sports tips on how to lose weight in menopause are important: combining a constant, targeted physical activity helps keep weight, metabolism under control and prevent fat from accumulating in the "critical areas" of the body. Is gymnastics recommended in menopause? It is better an aerobic activity, in particular:

• Walk fast

• Light jogging

• Bicycle

• Aerobics

• Swimming

• Cross country skiing

• Gentle gymnastics

• Go up and down the stairs

The recommended duration is at least 3 hours per week, considering a session lasting at least 40 minutes. Muscle strengthening exercises are also needed to ensure correct functioning of the metabolism and to maintain strength while also supporting the proper development of the muscle.

Other practical tips on how to lose weight after menopause

In addition to do physical activity to support the definition of your body, there are other "tricks" to follow to regain physical fitness even after the transition to menopause.

Here are the practical tips of experts on how to lose weight after menopause summarized in the following guidelines:

• Do not underestimate the importance of snacks: consume at least 5 meals a day, the three main meals with two snacks during the morning and afternoon

• Choose wholegrain products when it comes to bread and pasta: Whole products have a low glycemic index that allows you to keep in check your calorie intake

• Take more vitamins, even in the form of supplements

• Drink medium to high fixed calcium bicarbonate water

• Sleep more: sleep well, keeps control of the level of the greyline and allows you to control the feeling of hunger and keep the appetite longer

• Reduce stress

How to lose weight after menopause with the appropriate supplements

A healthy and conscious lifestyle is needed to keep fit and lose weight even during menopause. There are some tips to follow on how to lose weight with menopause with the best supplements on the market.