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How to eliminate the double chin

Published In: 02 Feb 2017

The double chin is a feature that is often caused as a result of weight gain or excess fat around the face. Many people often resort to invasive cosmetic procedures designed to lower the fat that accumulates in the area around the neck so that they can achieve the look that they want, but this is often dangerous and risky. Now, thanks to the advancement of research in the field of aesthetics, it is now possible to eliminate the double chin without this surgery. Here is some expert advice on how to effectively remove the double chin and say goodbye forever to the problem.

The double chin is a very common aesthetic problem, the kind that nobody wants to have. Eliminating double chin without surgery requires the right amount of proper nutrition, physical activity and targeted help from science in the choice of industry leading products. To eliminate double chin you must first understand its causes: many people think that the formation of double chin is caused exclusively by excessive accumulation of fat in the chin area, but in reality the problem is much more complex. Apart from the fat deposited in the neck-chin area, which tends to weigh down the face, the double chin occurs from a loss of muscle tone in the area at the base of the face. Being overweight is definitely a factor that significantly contributes to the formation of double chin, but this is a blemish that can easily affect even slim people and not at all those that are overweight.

How to remove a double chin from the inside

It is well known that the inner health is also important to the outside appearance: therefore in order to eliminate the double chin and redefine your face it is important to pay attention to where you get your energy from and eliminate foods that contribute to weight gain. One way of eliminating the double chin is to focus on the proper hydration of the body, the correct protein intake, and the detox of harmful toxins so that the elasticity can be restored to the chin. Foods recommended to help eliminate a double chin are:

  • Apple
  • Beet
  • Melon
  • Lemon
  • Mint

These foods help fight fluid retention, acting in an important way on skin imperfections caused by excess fluid and toxins in the body, and capable of combating the effects of free radicals that cause premature aging of cells and result in a loss of tone even in the neck.

How to remove a double chin with exercise

An effective ally in eliminating the double chin and give back its structure is the physical activity targeted to the neck: performing a series of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles in the affected area can help eliminate double chin with immediate effect. These are simple exercises, designed to restore tone and youthfulness. The most important component is definitely consistency. Here are some simple exercises to help eliminate the double chin:

  • Voice exercises: this is a fun exercise. Simply pronounce all the vowels in a very expressive manner, making sure you open your mouth very wide. It is a good exercise to set in motion all the muscles of the neck.
  • Exercise of the neck distortion: this is a simple exercise. Simply position yourself with your back straight and arms crossed and begin to rotate your head slowly to the left, stretching his neck. Hold for 10 seconds, then return to starting position and repeat the process to the right. Repeat the exercise 15 times on each side. It is a great way to strengthen the muscle of the neck.
  • Smiling exercises: this is an exercise that became very famous in a short amount of time. It basically only takes a smile to do, extending the neck muscles as much as possible. This exercise is recommended to be performed 15 times each day to get used to the muscle.

How to remove a double chin with science

The most effective way to eliminate double chin without resorting to cosmetic surgery is to get help from science: there are many effective products to eliminate the double chin and considerably reduce skin blemishes caused by the accumulation of excessive fat in the neck area. The advice is to only use products that are 100% natural products from reliable companies with years of experience in the industry. There are various creams that have a lifting effect designed to eliminate the double chin. These products are able to act on the reduction of fat deposited in the chin-area from the first application. These cream products are easy to apply and cause no side effects. To be effective, these creams must contain an appropriate concentration of three essential natural active ingredients. These are; Glaucine, an alkaloid that is derived from yellow poppy and has anti-aging properties that help in reducing the formation of fat cells even up to 90%. Prolamin, a protein extracted from cereals which helps to make the skin supple, and polymannurate, a polysaccharide derived from Kelp to help absorb the fat in a natural way, going to act effectively in eliminating the double chin. All of these creams that are recommended by experts are safe products, which act effectively in bringing the face to the normal shape by reducing fat deposits and easing your listing, with results from the first application!