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The Secrets to Quickly Eliminate Cellulite

Published In: 27 Jul 2017

Is the appointment with the beach getting close? Do you need a last minute remedy to quickly remove your cellulite? Today we reveal the secrets to quickly removing cellulite from thighs and buttocks in a few simple moves. Farewell Cellulite, Physical Welcome of Dreams!

How to quickly remove cellulite from thighs and buttocks

As most of you probably already know, removing cellulite in a quickly way is not the simplest thing in the world: cellulite is a skin imperfection that can hit women of all ages, and even athletic women. Before the summer, research begins for a remedy that can reduce skin imperfection in record time to arrive in time for the annual costume test.

Why is it so difficult to quickly remove cellulite?

Most women (and even a small number of men) are victims of cellulite for a number of causes that can be attributed to:

  • Hereditary factors: Genetic predisposition greatly affects the possibility of having problems of this kind of blemishes
  • Incorrect power supply: Incorrect power supply affects the accumulated fat
  • Sedentary life
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Malfunctioning endocrine system
  • Excessive fatigue and overweight problems
  • Hormone conditions related to temporary dysfunction (such as cycle or pregnancy) or chronic problems

The fact that cellulite is linked to various causes, including hereditary and hormonal, is the reason why it is often so difficult to eliminate it quickly and once and for all. Apart from being an aesthetic defect, cellulite is a "warning" that our body is launching to make you understand that there is something wrong with which we must remedy.

All the remedies for quickly eliminating cellulite

The underestimation of cellulite may affect different parts of our body: let’s see specifically how to counter cellulite in areas that are known to be most affected by this problem

Quickly remove cellulite from the buttocks

To quickly remove cellulite from the buttocks, it is extremely important to treat and properly modify your diet regime. It is about eliminating all those foods that cause excessive fat accumulation and introduce it in substitution for the foods that help to counteract it.

Here are the food tips to quickly remove cellulite from the buttocks

  • Consuming high fiber foods
  • Consume at least 3 liters of water per day
  • Reduce fat intake
  • Remove the salt
  • Eat large leafy vegetables

In addition to curing your nutrition, it is good to help the body in its drainage phase to maximize its results: to do this it is possible to turn to drainage massages, which can help the body eliminate the accumulation of liquids. Among the vip's favorite natural remedies, there are homeopathic solutions: it is almost always a matter of drops to be diluted in water or to be taken directly under the palate. The most commonly used natural remedies are pineapple, known for its draining power, dandelion, horse chestnut and horsehair.

Quickly remove cellulite from the thighs

The most effective method to quickly remove cellulite from the thighs is to combine targeted physical activity and to follow a healthy lifestyle. It should be better to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed during the day or eliminate it at all. It is important to engage in sports activities for at least 30 minutes per day. The choice should fall on aerobic activity, even home-made. You can use tools such as treadmills or exercise pads to suit your needs. To increase the draining power of physical activity, you can use some tricks: you can get drainage shorts or the proper bands while practicing any kind of physical activity, even for simple housekeeping!

Other Tips to Quickly Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite remains one of the most difficult skin imperfection to be eliminated, despite the many remedies available. To quickly eliminate cellulite wherever you are (many women suffer from cellulite even on knees, legs, and arms), you can also follow other expert advices. In addition to following a healthy eating regime, associated with physical activity and constant hydration, it is good to reduce the consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates while favoring whole foods and carefully avoiding dry fruits, syrups and various sauces,  especially the mayonnaise.

Oligo Dx to quickly eliminate cellulite

If you want to act in depth and eliminate the imperfection of cellulite not only from an external point of view, but also to eliminate it permanently, you can use the best anti-cellulite draining creams in the market. Oligo Dx is the anti-cellulite cream produced by the renowned company DS Laboratories, a result of five years of intense research by a community of scientists and industry experts who have created a cutting edge product in the treatment and prevention of cellulite. Oligo Dx is not just an anti-cellulite cream: it is a beauty product created using Nanosomes: the creation of Oligo Dx requires the use of ultrasonic emissions that can create these microscopic structures that function as a transport system alternative, able to interact with the cell membranes and release their contents directly inside, so as to limit the input to certain "target" cells and prolong the release over time. Nanosomes are 200 times smaller than a human cell and are therefore suitable for passing under deposited skin fat and contributing to its disposal.