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Published In: 22 Aug 2017

With the arrival of the summer, all that we need is often a regenerating drink that allows us to face the best in the day. Here is an article that can, in this sense, be your case!

What is a Smoothie

The Word smoothie simply indicates a fruit or vegetable drinks whose texture is quite dense and the presence of ice ensures they are cold but not completely freeze.

There is no proper way to prepare smoothies or rules on which fruit to use and how to combine it. All you need is fresh fruits or vegetables, a blender and fantasy. It is widely considered to be one of the best ways to drip during the summer not only because they are very tasty, but also because they are completely natural and rich in nutrients.

The best Smoothie to prepare from home

To get a perfect smoothie you will simply need to wash and peel the ingredients, cut them into pieces and place them in the blender. Among the most tasty smoothies, the most recommended are:

Smoothie with berries

1 small banana

140 grams of mores

120 grams of raspberries

120 grams of blueberries

175 grams of light white sugar-free yogurt

1 tablespoon honey

4-5 cubes of ice

Smoothie with peaches and raspberries

3 peaches

70 grams of raspberries

350 ml of apple juice

120 ml of light white sugar-free yogurt

4 cubes of ice

Tropical Smoothie

The flesh of 2 fruits of passion

1 mango

85 grams of pineapple

70 ml of pineapple juice

70 ml of orange juice

1 lime juice

6 cubes of ice

Melon smoothie

1/2 melon

450 ml of light white sugar-free yogurt

2 tablespoons honey

4-6 cubes of ice

The main benefits of Smoothie:

Improving our health by learning about the benefits of smoothies and juices can be the perfect mix to satisfy our culinary desires and at the same time mumble and practice the daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Smoothies represent the right compromise between a centrifuge and a fruit drinks allowing us to integrate into our nutrition a complete and effective supply of many fruits and vegetables and making the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts to our body. Perfect for sports or vegan / vegetarian diets, smoothies are often used for therapeutic purposes too, bringing a significant increase in energy, faster recovery and a reduction in physical pain. In addition, they have four times greater digestibility than simply picking fruit and vegetables.

Why it Is good to Drink Smoothie

Among the main reasons why we recommend drinking smoothies, we find:

  • They are moisturizing: The body is made up of approximately 70% of water and when it is dehydrated, fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration, hunger and much more can occur.
  • They help you eat more vegetables: Adding vegetable smoothies to the diet will consume more fruit and vegetables a day, healthy foods that give energy and body fat, fight free radicals, help the immune system, and regulate digestion.
  • They are rich in fibers. The recommended dose of fiber per day is 25-30 g. Adding to the diet other healthy foods can best integrate the daily fiber content.
  • They help you to have total well-being of mind and body: smoothies can undoubtedly help you have a healthier body. And starting to have the joyful habit of drinking can help you get the right degree of physical psychic well-being.