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Bloated stomach? Here are three remedies to get your abdomen flat

Published In: 27 Oct 2017

How many times have you had the unpleasant feeling of abdominal swelling? The swollen belly creates a discomfort not only aesthetic but is often associated with abdominal heaviness, poor digestion and lazy and irregular intestines. Have you ever wondered what can be done to swallow your belly fast and effectively? Here's the article for you!

Inflammation and Symptoms: What Causes Swelling?

Abdominal swelling is a widespread problem among people of all ages and causes can be multiple. The Bloated stomach affects both men and women almost with the same ease, without distinction. Sometimes it is an unpleasant momentary disorder, but it can often degenerate into a chronic, very annoying disorder that prevents you from living your life with serenity. Among the most common of swollen belly are:

• Wrong feed:

One of the main problems associated with inflammation and abdominal disturbances is bad nutrition. A food style that involves high consumption of high-salt foods is the number one suspect. Excessive salt consumption, in fact, is one of the major causes of water retention, which, in addition to causing the feeling of heaviness, often also causes inflammation in the abdomen. It is also necessary to avoid excessive consumption of carbonated beverages because they favour the accumulation of gas in the stomach and the consumption of too much processed or fried foods (especially for dinner) because they digest more slowly because of the high fat and sodium content.

• Low physical activity:

 Accelerating metabolism is at the heart of the concept of flat belly. The best natural method to accelerate metabolism and to firm the whole body is to carry the right amount of daily physical activity. It is not necessary to get stuck in exhausting and overly intense training sessions to keep active metabolism enough to avoid extreme laziness. The swollen belly will soon be eliminated quickly and safely!

The 3 natural remedies against swollen belly

When talking about swollen belly and how to eliminate it, we have to mention the so-called "Grandma's Remedy" to deflate the abdomen naturally.

"Grandma's Remedies" for swollen belly

• Do not lie down immediately after eating

• Eat calmly trying to enjoy meals and chew as much as possible: Eating fast means also ingesting so much air, which will certainly cause serious digestion problems.

• Drink plenty of water but only from the glass and not from the bottle or straw, as you also risk ingesting air in this case.

• Eat fruit only away from meals because, if eaten after meals, it delays digestion because it ferments.

• Perform daily physical activity, just walk 40/60 minutes a day as it facilitates the expulsion of gas and air from the intestine.

• Do not smoke, cigarettes increase exponentially the presence of gas in the intestine, thereby increasing abdominal swelling.

Drink lots of herbal teas

Herbal teas remain among the best remedies to deflate belly and stomach and thus get a flat belly. They are used for therapeutic and purifying purposes since antiquity, against any type of bowel problem. Herbal teas are very useful because they also give you a whole series of benefits as well as helping you eliminate stomach swelling, in fact, allow you to:

• Improve your heart health

• Encourage digestion

• Stabilize your blood glucose levels

• Prevent possible liver disease

• Enhance cognitive processes

• Accelerate weight loss

Those who are attentive to their health will probably already know the role that the best herbal teas have not only benefits in the weight loss process, but also on health in general. Among the best, there are those based on green tea, which allow you to accelerate your metabolism and burn fat, and lemon based, which will help you purify your body from unwanted toxins.

Use natural supplements

More and more people use natural supplements to cope with their swollen belly problems. Currently among the best on the market, we find:


Moringa Pure: This completely natural supplement is an immense help against water retention and constipation, helping the body expel all excess water and gradually deflagrate. It also improves your overall health by facilitating weight loss, lowering cholesterol, colon cleansing and intestinal flora.

Toxicleanse: This integrator allows to purify the body by 360 degrees, allowing the organs to function better and eliminating the feeling of swelling

king and constipation. It also improves your energy levels and losing weight in a totally natural and safe way.