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4 exercises to get the Perfect Buttocks

Published In: 30 Aug 2017

Have you ever wondered how to best define your buttocks? Here are 4 exercises that will make your case easy to do from home!

Dumbbell sumo squats

As the word itself says, with this exercise joins the squat to a wide-legged position as in the oriental discipline of the sumo. In particular, this variant includes the use of a handlebar (which can be replaced with a weight or a two liter bottle). To perform the exercise properly, you place yourself as in the classic squat, but positioning the handlebar between the legs in the vertical position with the disks parallel to the floor, and grasping it with both hands on the top of the superior disc (as shown in the figure).






Barbell deadlifts

This exercise is divided into two phases:

1. Stand by, grasping the loaded handgrip with hand held hands with a double shoulder width.

2. Without tilting the lumbar region, slowly lower the rocker arm to the ground. Stop and then rise up pushing the dock forward and contracting the buttocks. Return to starting position.






Alternate side curtsy squats with dumbells

The first exercise is very simple: it will be enough to stand with your legs stretched to a slightly higher shoulder width and the tips at 45 degrees. With a controlled movement of the bust, bend to one leg, leaving the other strained. Then return to the starting position and perform the same exercise on the other side.The second type of exercise involves the use of weights. First, always consider the weight you are going to raise, each weight weighing more than 5 kg. It is therefore tendably to bend your knees and your torso before lifting it up, do not lower your back forward to lift your weight, and never hold your legs hard and stretch because the discs and vertebrae will be noticeably affected.





Hip thrusters (the bridge) with weight

To perform the hip thrust you can use a bench / swissball and a weight. Position yourself sitting on the floor with your shoulders resting on a bench / swissball at a height slightly lower than where you would clutch the rocker in a squat. The bust must be 45 degrees from the floor. When positioned correctly, the weight should be above the hips' point of bend, slightly above the basin. At this point, you have to be able to push, so you will have to bend your knees so that the entire ground planes will be in contact with the ground, with slightly divergent feet.