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Turmeric for Weight Loss: all the secrets to lose weight with turmeric

Published In: 09 May 2017

The turmeric diet for losing weight has become an increasingly trendy topic in recent weeks. But what is it about turmeric that makes it so effective for weight loss? How can turmeric be used to effectively lose weight quickly? If you're curious to find out how to include this promising fat burner into your diet and reap the full benefits, read our article!

Turmeric for Weight Loss: What is it?

Turmeric for weight loss is a plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It is a common plant in many Oriental regions which have a typical tropical climate with high rainfall. The most used part of turmeric is the flower: in particular its rhizome. These produce a powerful coloured powder that has many different uses. One of the main components of turmeric that is especially effective in slimming is curcumin. Curcumin is an extremely beneficial spice for the well-being of our body and a precious ally for weight loss. For this reason it is often used in a number of dietary supplements for weight loss.

How does Turmeric help weight loss?

Using turmeric for weight loss can be a great solution because turmeric is  extremely useful in combatting hunger, controlling appetite, improving digestion and expelling waste. The active ingredients of turmeric are able to improve the action of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain when to stop eating. This way, curcumin works by reducing hunger pangs. Curcumin is also able to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body. By increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine curcumin is able to reduce the effects of and combat anxiety. This also makes it effective at fighting nervous hunger and controlling stress. The purifying power of turmeric leads the expulsion of waste and protecting the digestive mucosa. As a result of this the digestion of food and the absorption of fats and sugars is greatly improved. This is able to greatly decrease abdominal bloating. The high vitamin content also makes turmeric a valuable ally in supporting the immune system.

Why use Turmeric for weight loss?

Why use turmeric for weight loss? We use this turmeric product because it is able to directly act on fat cells and greatly influence their behaviour. Here will look in detail how;

Turmeric on adiponectin

The curcumin contained in turmeric acts on fat cells and stimulates adipocytes to increase the release of adiponectin release. This molecule is of paramount importance in stimulating the body to liberate the fats accumulated as a reserve and increases their use.

Turmeric for weight loss and the liver

Turmeric can help the liver to work more effectively at metabolising fats introduced during meals. In this way, turmeric facilitates the digestion of complex carbohydrates and refined sugars, easing the tasks of the liver.

Turmeric for weight loss against obesity

Turmeric is a useful tool in counteracting the chronic inflammation often caused by obesity. It is this inflammation that often leads to the development of many serious illnesses such as type I diabetes, insulin – resistance, cancer and depression. Turmeric also helps fight free radicals, counteracting oxidative stress and helping to protect the gastro-intestinal mucosa.

Turmeric for weight Loss Against Hunger

As mentioned earlier, turmeric can be a precious ally for weight loss as it helps to control feelings of hunger since it stimulates the production of leptin and promote feelings of satiety. This is a problem common in overweight people. If these feelings of fullness fail to reach the brain then feelings of hunger will prevail.

Turmeric for slimming against cellulite

Curcumin is a useful tool for expelling waste, purifying the body and eliminating excess fluids: for this reason it is a valuable ally against cellulite and the formation of the known bearings in critical areas of the body. With Turmeric it is also possible to counteract the skin of the formation of orange peel.

Turmeric for weight loss and blood sugar levels

The advantages of using turmeric for weight loss does not end there: this spice is also useful to keep blood sugar levels in check while improving glucose metabolism. This way, turmeric can avoid dangerous "glycemic peaks" that cause imbalances to the insulin level in the body and increase the storage of fat.

How to take turmeric for weight loss

To properly take turmeric, you can take up to two teaspoons of turmeric powder daily. You can use turmeric to flavoured foods, as well as dress salads or even yogurt. To increase the weight loss potential of turmeric, it would be better to take it along with foods that increase the capacity to be absorbed quickly, these include black pepper, salmon, green tea, grape or all dark red foods or bluish, high quercetin content.